On the wonderful beach front of Porto Rotondo, in the heart of the Costa Smeralda, a pleasant lunch or dinner is waiting for you in our comfortable and cozy restaurant: welcome to Restaurant Stella di Gallura.

Remember your holiday by enjoying our excellent service, careful presentation of dishes and refined tastes, along with the seafront and natural setting. You will be welcomed with the same warmth and professionalism when taking a light lunch or a full dinner.

Thanks to its spacious rooms and lovely terrace overlooking the Gulf of Porto Rotondo, it is one of the best restaurants for weddings, events and private parties. The restaurant offers its guests two fine options, a cozy lounge and a terrace with pool and views of the Gulf of Porto Rotondo.

The restaurant has a refined, beautiful location, open to accommodating and enhancing your most important events such as weddings, christenings and private parties. Thanks to the experience of the staff, your events will be unforgettable, with the option of a lunch with service or a cold buffet, tailored carefully according to customer requests.

Our kitchen offers both fresh fish of the day and meat dishes. It also has a pizzeria with a wood oven.


It is an exclusive tourist destination in northern Sardinia that has always fascinated visitors due to its natural surroundings and the beautiful coastal location.

Smooth pearly rocks and clear blue waters make this place one of the most popular destinations for lovers of the sea. A functioning port, high class boutiques and well-known locals add shine to a unique natural setting.

Restaurant Stella di Gallura, with its food and service, is one of the best and most visited establishments in Porto Rotondo and its surroundings.

You can enjoy a lunch with friends in the shade of our spacious veranda, or a romantic dinner bathed in the sunset that reflects off of our pool.

If you feel like taking taking the sea air and savouring traditional Sardinian flavours, then come visit us in our location overlooking the Bay of Cugnana and Porto.

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